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September 2010

  • Anne-Marie Kermarrec: Intro
  • Xiao Bai: Narrowing down the top-k processing with on the fly personalization Slides
  • Sebastien Gambs: Private similarity computation: from cryptography to differential privacy
  • Antoine Boutet: Whatsup. a decentralized news recommender
  • Christopher Thraves: Everybody wants to be closer to his friends than to his enemies; is it possible? Slides
  • Kostas Kloudas: Similarity-aware replica placement for distributed storage systems
  • Afshin Moin: Energy Models for Drawing Signed Graphs
  • Guang Tan & Davide Frey: Social Market: the Power of Implicit and Explicit Social Networks
  • Alexandre Van Kempen: Peer behavior knowledge & data availability in Distributed Storage

October 2009

  • Anne-Marie Kermarrec: Intro
  • Xiao Bai: Gossiping queries
  • Davide Frey: Papeer
  • Afshin Moin: Cost-aware recommendations
  • Vincent Leroy: Distributed graph layout
  • Antoine Boutet: Gossiping rumors
  • Guang Tan: AskBuddy: A Decentralized Question and Answer Service over Instant Message Social Network