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Your Applications Like Planetlab & Simulation

YALPS is an open-source Java library designed to facilitate the development, deployment, and testing of distributed applications. YALPS applications can be run both in simulation and in real-world mode without changing a line of code or even recompiling the sources. A simple change in a configuration file will load the application in the proper environment. YALPS's features make it useful both for the design and evaluation of research prototypes and for the development of applications released to the public.


GossipLib is a library consisting of a set of \Java classes aimed to facilitate the development of gossip-based application in a large-scale setting. The current version of GossipLib provides the implementation of a peer-sampling protocol, as well as a demo application enabling the visualization of the execution of the protocols. The architecture of GossipLib is designed to facilitate code-reuse. Each gossip-based component may be used as a building block to develop new and more complex protocols.


Papeer is a novel peer-to-peer bibliography management system. Papeer's user-centric gossip-based paper-indexing platform enables users to search for scientific papers and share them with their collaborators. Its recommonedation facilities allows papeer to locate not only interesting papers but also new people to collaborate with on new research topics. Different from web-based tagging platforms, Papeer's decentralized architecture makes locally stored tags and content available to other users with similar research interests, through a personalized interest-based social network. This social network constitutes the basis for Papeer's ability search for papers, collaborators and to identify which coworkers are most likely to be interested in agiven paper or topic.